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As a former college athlete, working out was never a problem.  Over the years with the stresses of work, life and family my diet became worse and worse.  Janine came in and was able to correct my eating habits and really teach me about proper nutrition.  Most important, Janine took the time and helped me understand why I was making the food choices I was making.  Learning about the deeper underlying issues that were at the root of it, the habits that I had formed, and fixing them, made it so much easier to be successful. Understanding the "why" has made it incredibly easy to continue to eat right and understand when I have a bad meal why it happened.  Anyone can give you nutrition advice, but Janine is great at finding out and correcting the reasons why, showing  you how to correct them, and that is a real talent.


I have been working with Janine for  3 years now.  I keep training with her because she is first and foremost kind and understanding.   Then beyond that she is professional and caring.  She genuinely wants to see me succeed and reach my goals.  I have a problem with my toe on my right foot so exercising in conventional gyms and classes are difficult for me. Janine has been able to design a workout program for me that takes my toe out of the equation.  We have learned together how to add tools like TRX and skill modifications to my workout routine to help me continue to improve week after week.  Working with Janine has been amazing! 

Ingrid Smith 

Janine’s Pilates class is great! Good workout, fun, and good instruction on making sure we are doing things correctly.  Very worthwhile!

Twila Heimbigner

I started training with Janine about 3 years ago. Before I started training with Janine, I always had problems getting to the gym and staying motivated, especially when it didn’t seem to be making any difference in how I felt or looked. With Janine’s help, I have been able to stay consistently motivated. She always knows how to push me to keep me looking at the big picture and keep focusing on my overall goals. She is truly a great coach who has always been able to push me just enough without overwhelming or discouraging me. I would recommend working with Janine to anyone.  

Stephanie Miller 


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