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Janine Loehr

Hey, I’m Janine. It’s nice to meet you and I’m glad you’re here.

It all started when I had an epiphany while on the elliptical machine. Yes, this happened at the gym of all places, so it’s very fitting! I had always been involved in sports, loved fitness and had a passion for helping others. I realized then my passion was to help others in a fitness role.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, graduated from Art School, have several years working in the corporate world, and I’m a mom. I have done a lot of different things in my life, but they were not fulfilling or what I considered my calling. I wanted to be able to have a larger impact on other people’s lives using my compassion, unique life experiences, and abilities.

Embrace Fitness has been a longtime vision of mine. It is the passion that wakes me up in the morning and energizes me to share hope and happiness with others through fitness.  I saw a need for a business that didn’t exist and I wanted to take 3 of the things I am most passionate about (health, fitness, and nutrition) and offer my knowledge and expertise to clients who needed help in those areas. 


I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as a Personal Trainer and I specialize in one-on-one Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching. I am also certified in TRX and Pilates.


I have two beautiful children who are thriving in adolescence with all the challenges that come with being an adolescent. Each, having their own individual strengths and gifts to offer. They both amaze me.

I’m a mom. I get it. Life has challenges, but as we embrace them, we are stronger.


What makes me Different

My whole thing is about encouraging and understanding people. What makes me different is...

  • I’m compassionate and empathetic. I can claim that because I have walked through a lot of transition in my life, myself.

  • I want you to know that I get it. I get stress. I get hardship. I have experienced those things and continue to do it and I can help you walk through yours. Whatever that may be.

  • I love meeting clients where they are at and understanding and creating solutions. I’ve done that in my life having gone through a divorce and raising two kids as a single mom.

  • Because of my breadth of personal and professional experience, I am able to draw from this and show compassion and understanding in a way that is going to be helpful to people walking through that lifestyle too.

  • I offer nutrition coaching and personal training because they go hand-in-hand for a successful fitness program.

  • I look at each person as an individual. It is not one size fits all. Each person I work with is unique and has different needs in their own specific areas. 

  • I help you master your relationship with nutrition in the long term which will improve your health and lifestyle.

  • I can offer you flexibility of location. You have the option of training in your own home, and I bring my own equipment to you, or off virtual sessions via Zoom or FaceTime.

  • I have a passion for helping others and really go the extra mile for my clients.

  • I listen and provide emotional support when you need it.

  • I am accessible if you have an important question that you need an answer to. I have a thirst for knowledge and love learning new things and having new experiences. If I don't have an answer, I do the research to get it and serve you better.

  • I work with you to find solutions and also give you the tools and knowledge to figure out what's best for you, so you can apply this when we are not in session.

  • I am dedicated to helping you succeed and make it my priority to be a source of support and motivation and inspiration to help you get to where you want to be.

things i truly believe in

  • I believe in transformation.

  • Looking forward during hard times.

  • I believe in hope.

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs.

  • I know that life has mountain tops and valleys and it’s all part of our lifelong learning experience.

  • No matter what is going on, you can still choose happiness. The choice is yours.

  • You can still choose to say, I’m not defeated.

  • I spend my free time running, and I enjoy hiking the beautiful trails in the North Cascade Mountains near my home in Snoqualmie, Washington. I like to compete in half-marathons, of which my personal best time is 1:50. 

  • I love cats, coffee, cooking, art and coaching others to be their best. 

Be understood, Be supported.

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